An August Morning

The past few days had been terribly wet. The rain poured down as if someone poured a basin of water down to earth.. It was heavy and not much of a breather. I bet some places are probably facing some crisis flooding already.

This morning I dropped by Sheng Shiong, the local wet supermarket. Well it's not totally that wet and it is certainly not like the modern high and dry, fancy supermarket either. This one is totally no-frills yet airconditioned; the things in there are as good, fresh or even better than the local wet markets thought a little more messy than the fancy supermarkets. Their prices are not expensive at all.

They store lots of fresh vegetables, seafood, meats, frozen, dry, etc and this IS the place where if you are into F&B, you can get the bulk of stuff cheap and you can get quotes for business pricing. It is my territory... since the last time I was in F&B. The people are friendly, and courteous. They do joke with you, exchange advice, sometimes shares tips looking at your contents in the trolley. You know, I wouldn't mind working in this supermarket.. hahaha. I'd love to arrange products in lines and complete order. I'm the kind who can spend hours just doing obsessive arranging work and get pleasure from it...kakaka...

The cashiers and staff in some of the fancy supermarkets are very 'robotic' in their greetings and doesn't sound as genuine. Although I really do not need them to mind my own business, but somehow, i feel that their attitude really must have gone to the stage where there is no passion at all. Interraction level probably played the least important role.


D. No-frills - Sheng Shiong Supermarket, Mustafa
C. Mid-range heartlands - Shop and Save, NTUC Fairprice, Giant
B. Fancy - Cold Storage, Isetan, Carrefour
A. Gourmet - Market Place, Jasons, Daimaru

Check out the pics that I took of Sheng Shiong in the wee hours when there are less shoppers.

This is my favourite place. I can come here everyday.. just looking at how fresh the prawns are.. Everyday can still buy half a kilo of prawns if its fresh..

I love Meiji fresh milk. Yummy! I like their Coffee Milk too. Lea loves only that and won't take any other besides her formula.

This is the place to buy your apom flours. When I miss those Penang apoms, I'd buy the apom flour and make apoms at home. There's the Tosai flour too, but I've never tried that before.


dragon said...

my god...... everyday go look th fresh fish and prawn? fainted lo....

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

hahaha...lu mai aneh kuan lah..

Sue said...

wah..chiak hoe liao..
btw..you have been tagged..go to my blog...hahaha

jepunlauee said...

wow,hoon,I didn't know SG got sell apong flour and tosai flour...I love to to eat two dish very much...