PET SAFARI (in Vivocity)

Pets play an important role in some people's lives. I have friends who'd spend unlimited amount for their family pets, like grooming, toys, toiletries, food, spa and recently pets have weddings too..

I saw a pets' haven recently on a weekend to Vivocity. Pet Safari, is almost everything pet owners swear by because of the extensive goodies you can find in the shop. Well, maybe not shop. It's everything under one roof kinda thing. There's a grooming centre, a display area where you can purchase pets, a vet clinic where you can go straight to upon purchase of your pets, to insert the chip in case it gets lost. Hmmmm.. smart people, eh.

Shelves after shelves. Food, toys, furniture, shoes, clothes, anything concerning pets, you can get it here. Its like a one-stop hypermart! Oh, don't forget the pet stroller too.. hahaha. Well i posted some pics here... enjoy!


Dragon said...

pets are more hor miah than human nowadays.....