Time flies. Before you knew it, another weekend just swished by. It was a cloudy Sunday. We had wanted to go outdoors but looking at the sky, we thought otherwise. If plans to spend outdoor in Sentosa was not successful, perhaps we could just take the monorail there and back, for the fun of it. So.. there we were, heading for Vivocity, the new baby of malls in Singapore. Vivocity is located just across Sentosa island and the monorail station in the mall takes you over to Sentosa island.

We liked to be early.. so before the crowd arrived, we were already in the spanky new building of Vivocity. It was great. We had the place all to ourselves. There was only a handful of people. The girls just loved the quirky lime green seatings - for shoppers who would like to rest their tired aching legs.

My girls attacked every seat available. Climbing on them and pretending they were camels, horses, see saws, whatever.. oh well... Mum's not doing a good job of asking the kids to behave and not climbed on them seats.. Ok ok, no one's watching.. shhhh... Mummy's not watching the kids either..

We headed up to the rooftop towards Marche. On the way, I took some shots of shops and the rooftops and the view.

It was an opportunity for me to get some shots from the Food Republic food court as well. On the rooftop, there is a big wading pool for kids and for those young at heart, who can't resist getting their feet wet. It was a beautiful sight as well. You can spot the cable cars that hover on the cable line heading to and fro Sentosa. We headed for Marche for brunch. It was a real lazy Sunday... i love it this way.


The following are photos of the Food Republic food court. The food court centres around the old days in Singapore of street food hawkers and migrant times. It is certainly a change from the usual current all white gleaming food courts everywhere. Having a theme is very much like the market cafes you see in Marche and some Peranakan restaurants which displays the authentic wares of the Nyonya and Baba paraphernalia.


jepunlauee said...

wow,just the type of place I would like to go...