For the last 3 days and evenings, dinner events had been concentrated at the Jurong side (street 41 or 42) area. We discovered that in the evenings, the coffee shops there were alive and provided alot of variety and good food.

On thursday evening, we chanced upon a coffeeshop (COFFEE UNITED) that sells some bbq stingray that seemed to be present on almost every table there. So we sat ourselves down and went on to make an order. Alas, it was already sold out.. and it was not even 10pm. Maybe a little past 9.30pm. Well so we ordered some satay, I had Singapore Laksa and later walked over the adjoining coffee shop to get some crispy Spring Chicken. Mmmmm.. they were good. Saw the lamb chops they served, looked nice and seemed that the chicken chops seemed popular. Maybe next time. For those of you who live in Singapore, you'd probably have tried Botak Jones.. I love the lamb chops there.. Will try to feature the food by Botak Jones next time.

The following day - in the morning, we had brunch in Jurong again cos the place was certainly buzzing with activity in the mornings. We ordered some oyster cakes, and ordered some dishes to share.

By evening, we were back at COFFEE UNITED, this time to try out the BBQ stingray we had been longing to try, the evening before.

Well, it was certainly worth every effort going there. The sambal was nice, slightly sweet and not too spicy. The amount of anchovies, belachan was not overdone. The stingray was barbequed just perfect, soft and not chewy. It seemed to melt in your mouth as soon as you pop it in. We also tried sambal kangkung and they were just as good. They used the same sambal they used for the stingray.. but it was perfect for the kangkung. The best part was there were pieces of cuttlefish in it that reminded me of cuttlefish kangkung in Penang..

At the other stall, we ordered the Butterfried Prawn and Har Cheong Chicken (Belachan Chicken). The medium prawns was deep fried in batter. It tasted light and crispy. Although they provided some light garlic chilly sauce, it really didn't needed any dip. The prawns were fresh and succulent. However, the Har Cheong Chicken was a bit disappointing. It lacked the prawn paste flavour. Although the crisp was just right, I think they could do better in their seasoning further. The size was cut just right but among some of the chicken there were some pieces that was a little under cooked. It wasn't just pink but there was blood oozing out from it. I'd be fine if it was 5-10 years back, but with the avian flu going global, I certainly don't quite welcome the undercooked chicken. Maybe you can request for it to be a little more done in future.


Sue said...

yummy..mmm..looks good.lau nua liao..