10th of August was supposed to be a day of fun out at the Science Centre. Without the girls knowing, I thought of bringing them out to have some hands-on discovery of all things Science. However, as we started out the day rather late, (almost noon) we thought we'd just spend a lazy family day out.

We went to Jurong side to have some lunch (and discovered some wonderful food) and then decided that the girls needed a haircut. The salon there was packed so we thought we should drive nearer to home and try the salon at where we had been getting our groceries lately.

It was Lea's first haircut and she was jittery the whole time. Gone are her beautiful curly wurly locks. Just as with Rae, after the first hair cut, they lost their baby curls. Rae had her first haircut at around age 3 just as well. After the cut, we were really happy with the end result becos she had a really neat and chinadoll fringe that made her face more appealing. And Rae was equally happy with her little trim becos she had a nice blower done and she really looked like an angel.