Beats me why i'm starting another blog!

I didn't finish Yahoo for the longest time, and then I started Multiply and at the same time, Friendster. I've got pics in all these places too and lots of videos in my youtube account. I did a half hearted MySpace with hotmail before abandoning it again (i abandoned hotmail email accts 6x over 10 years) during the last few months. Please don't ask me if I have a hotmail account.. because, I'll tell you NO.

Then, the recent news abt the "to be abandoned" Yahoo photos prompted me to move all my pics to Flickers and along the way, I discovered uStream.tv and registerd Makeover Solutions, My Heritage and some music website, Last FM.

More good news! Just last month, I found out that my handphone could conveniently post my pics over to Blogger! Aaah.. to be able to get away from all that cable or bluetooth dongle I've been reluctantly using in the past year. Somehow I didn't find it a chore in the last 10 years using a usb cable from my Fuji camera on my Mac... It just didn't work for me using a PC. I'm just PC illiterate and pretty much stubborn in picking up PC skills.. I've been programmed and brainwash to incline towards the Apple. So discovering the convenience of blogging from handphone is a better option! Somewhere in my lazybones find this pure bliss! Life has just given me a new life. Forget about spending that much time in front of my pc, jabbing aimlessly at my keyboard. Take time out to smell the roses.

Why not. Life is short.