Today is my grocery day, every Wednesday. Well I do do my marketing few times a week but this is the day of the week when i drop Rae for chinese class and I head straight to the local supermart for my fresh chickens and sometimes, ducks. Hee hee.

Somehow, I feel better buying chickens from the supermart because it definitely is more comfy then the wet market where some people just stick up close to you in their sweaty arms.. Yucks! I never get used to it since the days when Mum brings me to the market in Pulau Tikus for her alternate days of marketing. She knows I don't really like it cos i would usually pinch my nose when near the chicken coops...hahaha! And I'd walked so slow so that my slippers will not flick those dirty water from the wet sloshy floors. Eeeww, the smell just eek of germs, salmonella and God knows what!

Well today, I bought more than my usual, because lately I have been feeling rather lethargic. The first thing that crossed my mind was, DIET. Well after some thought, I decided DETOXIFY is more like it. Haha, love my self too much, i certainly won't starve myself to a pale death..hahaha. At least I'll die happy, satisfied, stuffed...kakaka.

We were running out of fruits, so i thought okay, get more today. The girls love them. Got 2 kinds of apples, both the FUJI sort but one is from Brazil. Have not tried it before so why not. The elderly aunty gave me a smile and said they were good. Got some XL Sunkists, Phillipines' Del Monte bananas and the little cute ones called the Berangan.. (err, dreaming? whatever that is). Carrots, French beans, Broccoli, Potatoes, Sweetcorns, Sharksfin melon, Red Vege, HK Chye Sim. Wow thats alot of veg and fruits for the next 3 days. And for meats, I got Toman fish, Halibut, Threadfin, Whole Chicken (this time i got only 1), some fresh chicken thighs, minced pork, spare ribs, soft bone as well. Looks like I can feed an army here.

To reward myself and the girls, I got low fat yoghurt, meiji coffee milk, fresh wheatgrass juice. Not bad, the total bill came up to $50, short of 20cents! Of course buying so much today, I was late fetching Rae.. it was already quarter to 5pm! She finishes at 4.30pm. Oh dear, oh dear! And I have yet to check out, push the trolley to the car on B1, boot the bags..


Dragon said...

my thee kong... u bought so much!!