prawns boiled in stock

mandarin oranges, diced

fresh butterhead lettuce

my favourite dressing..

I love PRAWNS! I can just go and get a kilo a day regardless whether i eat them or not! I just got them on Monday recently. Then Yesterday, I dropped by to get some ginger and went to the seafood section and saw some nice fresh ones. Got almost a kilo.

Today, I went there to access the AXS Machine to pay for my season parking. And guess what, I just had to walk in to have a look again.. and boy, today's catch is even better! I got a half kilo of medium prawns and 400 gms of large ones.. I made the medium ones into salad this morning for my brunch (yes the whole half kilo) and the large prawns, I took off the centre shell, leaving the head and tail on, for Black Pepper prawns for dinner... YUM YUM!


Kinoko Land said...

My daughter is a prawn-lover but fresh and big prawn is little expensive in Japan, so i usually buy frozen one :-(