Over the moon with mooncakes


It is that time of the year again. Mooncake season, and Lantern Festival. I just got some simple looking lantern (paper decor lantern) because they've had been receiving so many over the last few years. And at the end of the year, I end up trashing it. So this year, I'd decided not to buy any when they'd be receiving from aunts and friends.

On Saturday, I brought the girls out for a light up and to carry their lanterns. At the last minute, I decided that the battery operated ones from friends are much better than me having to bend over (ouch! my back) and lighting the candled ones.. hahaha lazy mum. At the playground, it was crowded! We saw so many kids, mostly playing with candles and planting them on the solid cement floor. Most of them were more interested in playing with fire than carrying the lanterns itself. Of course we didn't bring any candles or lights. The girls were amused with all that lighting. But they were rather sticky and would not join them in their pa pa lang.. hahah

After an hour or so, we finally got back home. Boy i was glad cos it was rather hot over there... ewww sticky everywhere.

Back home I cut some mooncakes for the girls (we went mooncake shopping earlier for the pink and green snow skin for the girls). We had some traditional ones but they weren't interested in them at all..hahaha.


Dragon said...

ask u to send to me lo.....i like mooncakes very much....

Jipunabor said...

so good this mummy, i always like the idea of exposing our children to cultural things, but this time i did nothing to my daughter, not even a mooncake. :-( Next year lah.

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

dragon - when i send to you, sure become mouldy lah.. if not later let roaches at the post office eat till nothing left for u except the chua up. lololol

jipunabor - hahaha. dont worry lah. some years when not up to it dont worry. i was like tat for some years too.