Singapore Living versus Malaysian Living

I had an exclusive invitation by my friend to visit her new apartment recently. Her hubby and herself had just got a swanky new apartment at The Quintet. Its an Executive Condominium, which in Singapore terms, similar to a private apartment only that it is developed by the Government to provide apartment living with frills, for Singaporeans.
Housing in Singapore
The govt based housing we have currently are mainly the 'flatted' type of living - dividing into studios, 2, 3, 4, 5 room flats, exec flats and exec mansionettes.
Later in the 90s, the Government added ECs (executive condominium) to cater for those who like the frills of having - luxury fittings in their apartments and the facilities of swimming pool, gym, bbq pits, tennis courts and more. In the past, we had the HUDC flats which was then privatised as a private estates. These flats are large but they have to raise money to build their own facilities. However the ECs are different, because to me it is similar to the private condominiums/apartments, except that it is developed by the Govt. I believe that the developer is very important as gives the buyers the assurance of housing without compromising on quality.

The Govt in Singapore has been very good to its people. It builds studio flats with safety features for its elderly, small 1 or 2-room flats for lower waged workers, work on various sizes and categories to cater for each different clientele. I really applaud the maintenance work it has taken to paint the housing, usually every 5 years or so, prompt painting should there be any vandalism, adding of features like lifts, ramps for ease of the handicapped and community and building so many facilities for each town.

The Singaporean Citizen
No citizen is deprived of housing in Singapore. For a PR like me, I am allowed to buy their housing at resale value in the open market. They limit the buying of new flats only for their own people but i am not any bitter about tat. That is certainly a supportive measure for its people. For those who have more budget they are free to get landed or private housing at whatever cost they can afford. For the really poor ones, the subsidies on flats, be it rental, or sale - they are really attractive. And not to forget, Singaporeans who choose to stay close to their parents get subsidy in their flats or apartments. Any subsidy works across the board, be it whatever race or religion you are. Isn't that great!

Across the causeway
Crossing the causeway is really an eyesore. Look at our gah-men housing. Look at the mouldy walls, the litter and the state of the car parks. I dont understand why build flats and not maintain them. Where do all the maintainence fees go to? Why build flats and then just let it rot.. Look at the state it has become! I am just so speechless.

HELLOOOO why can we take a lesson from our neighbour.. Gah-men housing may be affordable. But if only it applies to all who are citizens. You only get a special discount % if you belong to a certain group of people.. BUT IT DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL CITIZENS.. WHY? So am i considered a PR in my own country? Because I will never enjoy these benefits? I've always thought Nationality applies to all as long as you are holding a Malaysian IC.... Aaaarrrggh!


Dragon said...

ban ban tan la.... malaysia gov just sux!!! stupid.... all give privilege to their people.... everyday only know to liam liam liam non stop. nothing else they know.

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

agree agree agree hehehe
lucky for friends and family nia.. if not it'll be a lagi meaningless place to live in.