Nesting Calls

Several of my friends had just gotten the keys to their new homes. Some had them all done up. Seems like a good year for new homes, with so many of them doing so this year.
A long lost girl friend's mail popped up recently. It had been a while since we had kept in touch then. I was ecstatic about it.. We exchanged msn and chatted. She had just moved into her new home. I popped by on Thursday, to view it and to catch up as well.

I asked for permission to take pics of her 'lovenest' (haahaa.. don't kill me yet, my dear friend) and the more I took the more excited I was. She really have such good taste, doing up her home with such detail. She did a part of her feature wall in textured painting with some glitter on it. It was really nice. Other finishing touches were like wallpaper that weren't too ornate. It was very well chosen, using a simple colour white. It was that white on white concept, matt on gloss sort.
Well, she had always been very detail and conscientious in her work. Her effort-all in all, is very admirable. To give her and her hubby some privacy, I shall not post the unit no of her apartment here (of courselah! siao meh.. lololol).