Mango and Prawn Salad

Hey everyone, thought I'd like to share this really quick refreshing recipe with you. Its easy to make and does not need any cooking, unless u are using prawns. A close friend of mine used to make this and after trying it out, it is certainly very addictive.

You will need:
1 Large ripe mango, diced
1 Red onions, chopped
1 Large bunch of coriander, chopped coarsely
2nos Chilly padi, finely chopped (dont put too much if u cant take spicy)
Half Canned Tuna flakes or 250gm cooked and chilled prawns (shelled and deveined)

2-3 small limes

Mix the ingredients together in a salad bowl. Squeeze lime juice onto it. Season with dash or salt and pepper..


Kinoko Land said...

I love mango very much, and will try this recipe out one day, hehehe :p

kevin/taugeh said...

i hate 2 come into ur blog... cos mostly i can c all the food n cooking in ur blog but all i can do is lau nua nia.... all my nua drip all over my keyboard.... soooo poor........ ur prawn salad look yummy...... can c cant eat haiz...........