Swensens' Ice Cream Mooncakes

Thought I should post this before Mooncake month is totally over. For some of my friends who didn't know about Swensens' Ice Cream Mooncakes, here is a pic of a flyer I'd taken on Sunday evening, whilst having dinner at Swenson's ice cream restaurant.

It was a crowded day, perhaps Sunday being the reason. Swensens has been around for as long as I have been in Singapore, in the last 20 years.. History before that? I'm not sure. I remember how my classmates and I love to go to the branch in Plaza Singapura and have lunch there. Back then, the fish and chips were terribly popular.. and they had already been using a 'pda' system to enable smooth flow of customers. Not sure if its still there..

Swensens was probably one of the pioneers who started on ice cream mooncakes in the last decade or more. I remembered that you had to order them in advance because they were usually sold out! And it was only offered to Amex customers only.. (I could be wrong, it was so long ago) Anyway if you have to chance to try them, go for the Chewy Chocolate flavour. It's quite good.


Dragon said...

u ar.... sia me for so many posts.... si lang bin lo..... by the way, swensens is SWENSENS and not SWENSONS. hahahaha.

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

ya ya. snia u till lau nua bey teng. ooops for the spelling mistake.. i correct it right away.. thank u for yr sharp focus eye ah leng..