Happy Children's Day

It will be Children's Day on the 1st of October. Rae and Lea are having Pre-Children's day party at their respective schools, today. Rae is expecting performance by teachers and friends from school whereas Lea is having a potluck party at her nursery.. I'd almost forgotten about the potluck.. but luckily yesterday at about 6pm, my girls reminded me.. hahaha.. So very quickly, I left my pc (yes, chatting away) and drove to the local grocers for a pack of russets. I had wanted to make 'Bangers and Mash' but when I got home I thought maybe just more of a finger food for their convenience..

So I made Panfried Sausies and Diced Russets.. this morning. I know the kids aren't into vegetable but I added a handful of green Peas to bring up the colour for this meal..hahaha. Let them pick the peas out..


Dragon said...

are they really pick out the green peas? hahaha.

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

i dunno wor.. But the potatoes and sausies are easy to pick. Maybe all that's left are the peas in the serving tray.