I Got A Parcel Today

It was exciting. Something came in the post today about noon. It was a package for Lea and Rae, from Aunty Ee Ee. It was a big box actually, but i had forgotten to take the picture of the big box.

The girls were excited of course. They didn't have much to look forward to since our trip for holidays had been canceled as hubby couldn't go on leave from his work since this is crucial time.

So the girls each got a present that were in the box. Christmas Presents! I told them they could only open it up on Christmas and they were fine with it...phew..

Then, in the package, was another carton box for me... but of course it wasn't an X'mas present so I hurried to get my pen knife. I knew what it was as she had told me the contents.

Here is the carton in the package. What is inside?

Pink Plastic! Peek in and see...

Yes Yes Yes, My Favourite Hokkien Mee Paste! Yippeeeee!!
My Sis went back to Penang over the weekend recently and bought me my favourite penang food paste!

Not just one packet BUT 15 packets of them!
Can last me almost a whole year!
Thank You Sis!!!

I'm gonna buy some beansprouts, prawns, kangkung, prime ribs, yellow noodles....


amycheah said...

I want to tumpang makan. Remember to cook more yah!

Tammy said...

What a thoughtful sister you have. Very sweet of her. :o)

Xiao-Kia said...

aiyo my favorite hokkien mee... i wanna tumpang also.. can ah. hehe

aussieahchee said...

Yr kids are so cute. Santa has not forgotten about them. Happy cooking! Constance. I can already smell your mee.yummy!

Anonymous said...

15 packets!!! you have a thoughtful sister, she can understand your taste very well, hahaha!

Taoju said...

Hoon, is that the one you mentioned that you didn't get it when you're back to Penang? Wah.. you can ciak hokkien mee soup everyday liao!! :P


Constance Chan said...

taoju - yes yes this is the one. The Ultimate Hokkien Mee Paste i only wanted. Best ever. i had my soup with lots of beansprouts, kangkung and prawns the other day liao..