SITEX Singapore

Last month, after dropping my helper off at the airport, we decide to check out Singapore Expo. We knew that there was the John Little Mega Expo Sale going on.. and thought of checking out some beddings. The carpark was packed and it was hard to get a space. We parked near the MAX Pavillion and walked towards the hall.

We passed by the SITEX PC fair, which was on it's last day then. Now that hall was really like sardines. Many items were going on sale as the last day auditions going on at many booths. There were people standing on those boxes and shouting in loud speakers. People were bidding for the display PCs, LCD monitors, HDTVs, and very very cheap notebooks, laptops and whatever you could find from a PC show. PC exhibitions has always been a big affair in Singapore, even though there are as many as 2-3 pc fairs in a year.

Ah Boy wanted to get those cooler fan for our laptops. We got one at $19 that came with some LED light. My laptop certainly needed those fan because in the evening, I'd turn it on and sometimes the girls play games so it gets really hot.

Packed like sardines, the expo halls during SITEX

I bought the laptop cooler on the right.
This one works wonderful, despite its tacky looking design.

Things were being auctioned off like hotcakes!


aussieahchee said...

Wow,U do know where all the bargains in S'pore. Sound like U have a lovely day with your family shopping. Will have to get shopping advice from U if I'm in S'pore one day!


Nick Phillips said...

Sounds like some good deals over there :D

Tammy said...

Wow that place is packed!

Kikey Loo said...

my laptop on 24/7, seldom off. and i dun have fan for my laptop. :p
but i didn't use battery, i use plug.