More Science Stuff

This is the last part on the pile of images taken from Singapore's Science Centre. If you are someone who is inquisitive, then Science Centre should be able to send your brain signals working. There are lots of little stations for you such as mirrors, illusions, kinetics and high tech stuff and robotics. Check out some of the stuff we went through.

These shown here are only some. We didn't cover many of them as there were many stations and it can be quite exhausting mentally. Although I have many more pictures, I shall just show you some of them. Guess the lazy bones got better of me by now...hehehe

Whirpool effect study

A TV Studio
Stand there and you'll see yourself being broadcast on another screen later. This is great for kids wanting to pretend to be newscasters.

Funky Patterns
Walk past this area and the screen captures your silhouette then makes a nice 70's funky coloured pattern of you. Yeah Baby!

Pillars that creates. Can you spot 4 persons there?

Who needs iPhone? LOL.. The largest touchscreen I've ever seen. Newspaper, actually. Use your hands to swipe to turn the pages. With iPhone, you have to use your fingers. With this use the whole palm of your hands! Who needs nails!

Hey!!! What is Rae's head doing on that platter of fruits?

Kids love this! It's time for the hatching of chicks! Everyday is day 21 in Science Centre so you get to watch them hatch! These are real chicks placed in controlled temperature.

Aaahh.. a place to quench your thirst, kick up your shoes and fill that little growl in your stomach. There's a cafe in Science Centre or McDonalds outside, near the Dinosaur.

Otherwise, perhaps you'd like to continue with these places when you have more time.

Everything about FibreOptics
Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

This place changes colour every now and then...like a D.I.S.C.O. lololol Even the floor beneath has fibreoptics cable!

Nano tech Study is interesting but we didn't have much time to cover this section.

ISPACE (we didn't cover this area either)

There are some other places as well as upstairs which we didn't get to. Perhaps the next trips! If you have children who is doing Science, this is a wonderful place that expands ones knowledge. It's a place where you can use your senses and not have parents telling you "can't touch this!" Here, you can touch, feel, see, smell and listen.


Anonymous said...

I think it has been taotally changed. The last time I went there was 18 years ago! It's worth to visit.

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