More Presents

Godma Ai dropped by this afternoon to spent time with the girls as well as to pass them their Xmas presents. Although she only drops in once a year, she always thinks of the girls so often and sends sms to wish them well on many occasions. She is a busy person as she works in the Ad Agency and works till late daily and sometimes goes back on weekends. Poor Godma Ai. I'm sure she will one day be rewarded with a lifetime of happiness later on for her hard work now.

Some of the presents the girls love!

Anyway, she got the girls some nice presents and some new dresses. The girls were so excited to see her as the last they saw her was about the same time last year. Rae also had a new pencil case with a Disney Princess theme and she had been bugging me to get her something like that since her old one broke just two months ago. And Lea got a pretty Hello Kitty colouring and sticker book so the girls were happy with the gifts they are getting. They also received a pretty Barbie bag (Rae) and Dora folder (Lea) from Aunty Annie through Godma Ai. Wow, it's after Christmas and they are still getting nice gifts.

The afternoon was really hot and humid today. After Godma left, the girls had their bath and dinner. Lea seemed really tired because she wasn't very chatty after dinner. Must be the hot weather. The last I saw her, she went into the kitchen from the dining area and she walked out the other door to get to the living room.

As I was editing some pictures on the pc, Rae exclaimed and laughed so hard and asked me to check Lea out in a hurry. I turned around and found her asleep!

Look at her.. aiyoooo

She had prawn crackers and then fell asleep!


aussieahchee said...

She's so sweet guarding her prawn crackers while falling asleep. What a lovely pics.

reanaclaire said...

yeah..so sweet.. and i bet she must be dreaming something nice .. wonderful presents too.. so blessed kids u have too..

Tammy said...

What a sweet picture!!! Adorable!

sgfoodlover said...

Hello just dropping by your site haha very adorable picture

Anonymous said...

wah so many keropok, wa pun ai :D