My Cheeky Girls

Do you have a favourite picture of your kid? Eh but which mom don't think their kids are cute and adorable, right? Every mom thinks of their offsprings as their beautiful child/children of all time. And they always share the mother and child bond. My younger one is very mischievious and temperamental. She is also very attentive to a lot of things and sensitive too. Sometimes, before I reprimand anything about her, I'd go the long way and praise her first. This way she knows how to read the signals and do the things that I don't like. She loves praises and will work for it.

It is good to praise your children because they actually learn alot from praises than to scold or criticizes. Lately, I've been very busy with them since my helper is still on holiday leave. Then I told my youngest that she had been a good little helper because she was keeping her stationary in the box. Because of this praise, she and my elder daughter sneaked upstairs into the other room to help fold the laundry. Though they aren't perfect, but I was extremely proud of them because a little praise moved them to do a great deal of work.

Honestly, I can't get mad at them long no matter what! Look at these cheeky pics!

Love you both, Rae and Lea!


Something About Us said...

eeeeee...that's too "cheeky" !! hehe! :p

you know what? my kids often dig their nose and before I can stop them, the next place they will put inside their mouth -_-"

- Ling

Anonymous said...

cheeky cheeky :)


Tammy said...

Hehehe! Kids are so funny eh!

jepunlauee said...

Its funny,but I still remember my kids "cheeky photos"..I used to see them when I feel lonely..him smilimg in his cheeky smile until his eyes are just like ....hahaha..
and my dotter's baby photo..smiling with her saliva dripping down...hahaha

Shopping cart said...


Kids are so naughty and they are be done fun and enjoyment.