Little Nyonya is a Hot Drama

If there is one show that had kept me glued on the local TV the past two weeks,that would be Little Nyonya. This is a local Singapore drama that debuted about 2 weeks ago and is now my favourite show. Without fail, I'd be upstairs with my water, aircondition on, have my MediaCorp Channel 8 on by 8, yes - an hour before the show starts.

This drama revolves about the Peranakan families during the pre-War times and follow on till after the war and during the British Colony. Jeanette Aw plays both roles, of which she played a deaf-mute girl (JuXiang) and later as JuXiang's daughter. The show goes through 3 generations of family and sees a lot about the richness of Peranakan heritage, their importance in food and preparations, the aesthetics and craft and also about how in those days young women folk were betrothed to marry off by their parents and grandparents. There are lots of nemesis-plots here and there but what I enjoyed most was that the show was definitely very educational. In the olden days, till now of course, the Peranakan folks all endured to learn cooking as this was an essential part of being a Nyonya. If you have been to their kitchen, that is considered the 'heart' of the home. I love Nyonya food!

Although Jeanette wasn't quite my favourite actress but I think she did pretty well in her acting here and it was hard not to appreciate her beauty in this role.

Here is the YouTube Theme Song of the show I love.