Advertlets is just too infectious!!

Well, well.. Advertlets. Ahem, Yes, Adverlets.. Gosh, unbashfully I can proudly say.. Yes, I'm infected. I had a good look at http://www.advertlets.com/ today, yet again.. For someone who isn't easily converted..hahaha.. Blame all my blogger friendslah.. They ALL have it on their blog.. Wah lao eh.. being in Singapore, I didn't see the point, at that time. BUT I can't help it if I closed my eyes and I can see it all the time.. and the ads, they do inspire me to click click click.. I mean, what can I do.. Colour fascinates me, and they do have some of the nicest ads too. After all, I did work in the design industry for some time. Advertisements, design and layout were the only thing I breathe, day-in day-out. I LOVE to imagine I'm in the middle of discussion of their marketing strategy, objectives, and their concepts. What a dream world I'm still in..

Eye Candy

Not being Bashful, How about Cash-full!
Hey.. before I also forget, advertlets are a good way to make money too! Through product reviews, and of course when your online friends read your blogs, clicks on your ads. After all, these are supposed to be informative, ALRIGHTY! C'mon, come join me now.. Aaaah... now you all know the secret agenda of this errr post..hahaha what say you...

It's raining $$$, Hallelujah!

Networking inspires my Passion to write
So what inspired me to review, write or add Advertlets.. um ah hmm.. I do blog, don't I? And I belong to a happy group of members from Penang Hokkien podcast after all. We share alot of stories, news, and the special twang of northern hokkien across the causeway.

I am just addicted to them, to blogging and love to know what goes on in their lives, though we've never met, really. Malaysians are really supportive of Advertlets. And they are really generous too. Otherwise, I'd know next to nothing about all these. The most I'd have on my blog would be just pictures and my writeouts. Maybe that's why I am so active in blogging. It's another way to be in contact.. Advertlets is very Asian, and definitly going global, every pixel inch of the way.. What more, you get lots of information about the products, it's really an eye opener. Next best thing, Advertlets is now in Singapore!!! Yippee!!

Now, its your turn,
click on these, DON'T HESITATE

I want to register for Advertlets


Dragon said...

wah...... u lagi hor liao than me!!! finally u register ya..... get money that time don't forget i have wasted so much time to talk talk talk to u on this.

Joze Foo said...

This post is excellent... I wan that cash too...but i dun have any inspiration to write...

Constance Chan said...

ya ya finally registered liao..hahaha ya the money keep for your big angpow cny time..

joze - wei u also very kapster in pghk mah. quick quick get inspired, earn big money now..

KOKahKOK said...

i am also one of the pg hokkien kaki leh! hehe....nice to mee u here!