Lethargic Sunday

I hadn't eaten a proper meal for most part of today. As soon as I got up and brushed my teeth, I was on my pc. I had my coffee and that was it. Closer to late morning after my bath, I was back chatting, facebook-ing, checked emails, replied to them, and all that online thingy. Around noon, I had a cuppa and some Tau Sar Pneah (Sg ones).

Tried to nap but the weather was killing me. Or was it me.. had the aircon on but the 18 degrees felt somewhat like 25 degrees. Maybe its about time to call the service-men. An hour and a half, Barney was blasting in my room because Lea would not take a nap. Rae had her High School Musical on the system downstairs.. Gosh this is only the first week of school holiday.. And I was pulling my hair out on both ends..

By dinner time when I was really really hungry. I didn't feel like having rice for dinner and I'd asked to opt out for dinner with the girls. Decided to make myself a sandwich. Couldn't decide whether to have a salad or sandwich. I had some salmon patty I got a week ago. Decided to bring them out to defrost. Grilling it would be nice. Comfort food for me. Didn't have any lettuce.. Ah well, tomato slices would do. Tomatoes are vegetable after all, though I'd prefer cruncy crispy Iceberg Lettuce.

Check out my salmon sandwich. It was yummy, absolutely.. Plain bread buttered one side, lemon mayo the other side, dash of pepper, sliced tomatoes, grilled salmon patty, slice of cheese.


Dragon said...

wah... really si lang bin lo.... nvm, i go make tuna sandwich now... hahahaha.

Joze Foo said...

really look delicious...i am hungry

David (AKK) said...

Woo... It's looks simple & Delicious... oh my... starving now... :p

s|lence said...

food again, kee siao liao la hoon. how to maintain my diet if u keep posting delicious food