Winx Club

School holiday is on. The malls are filled with lots of fun activities for kids and adult alike. We happened to drop by the mall this morning for our weekly visit to the library. Gosh! The mall was already packed by 11am. Parking space was limited already.

The atrium was also cordoned off. The stage was empty but there was going to be a show. It was the Winx Club live show. It will shown at 1pm. And there will be a photo session after the show, with minimum purchase of $30 for a pass that admits 4. Well, why not, I had wanted to get some cosmetic so that would be eligible for redemption for the pass. So off I went, got my stuff and was queueing up at 12noon for the pass. Rae was pretty excited because she really loves Winx Club! I was supposed to pick up Lea at 12.45 after she is done with her nursery mate's birthday party. I rang up Kakak, told her I'd pick her from home, then Lea slightly earlier since the show starts at 1pm. It was kinda like a wild goose chase, drive out from the mall, back home to get kakak, pick up Lea and pretty soon we were back in the mall.

We couldn't get a spot in the front since were kinda few minutes late. The show had already started. But it was alright. The Winx Club girls were terribly animated, and very very pretty. Their gears were really nice.

Check out the video posted here and some snapshots I'd taken during the show. I really enjoyed it myself.. I felt exhilarated because it was really good, the songs, the dance and choreography and how active and natural they were on stage. When it was time for photo taking, Rae was really too shy. She is stage shy so she declined going on stage. But I took some shots of the Winx Club for her collection.

The Snapshots...

The Brief Video


Boone Goh said...

The voice over sounds like a Power Rangers Club.

Nice to show it up. At least I would not be out of date from my daughters.

Dragon said...

the second one looks fat wor....

David (AKK) said...

Haha... Oh you're going to Lot 1 ar... The backdrop ads was done by me ler... so paiseh... hehe :)

Their next stop would be in IMM, 4 Dec.

Constance Chan said...

wei akk.. tell me lah next tiem u go on site ler.. i come support u with banner 'I LOVE AKK'

hey winx club will be in BPP from 11th Dec also ler.