Equipments kitchen related

White elephant in my balcony - The stainless steel fridge
Longish stainless steel table, with ah boy's
bowling sneakers placed there after a good wipe.

I spent half day on wednesday just cleaning out the store cupboard. I dont have a store room. Didn't think I needed it when I moved in. But now that I have soooo many things, I regretted not building it. I partitioned my front section with two large cupboards. And that is why my house is such a mess. Too much stuff. I didn't expect to have so much. It's a long story. I had moved all f&b equipments back home because we were looking for new location. We took our time and now it is about 2 years plus, and I am reluctant to go back into it. Not just yet.

My home is filled with fridges and others. I have several deep fryers single and double ones. I also have the griller, combi oven, extra microwave ovens, extra large rice cookers (2 big and 2 small, exclude domestic), and soo many stuff, it is embarrasing to bring it up here. Tell you about it one day. ha ha ha

Cash Register that is not ringing money

Double Deep fryer wrapped up in brown paper

So cleaning was messy because there were no space to tuck them too. My large cupboard had lots of saucepans hanging in the hooks, so i thought they were collecting dust. I took 2 out which i thought could use for domestic purpose and store the rest into the empty cupboard box that we got a cheap sound system for dvd purpose weeks ago. I also had many oil pots that I don't need, and more stuffs. Check out the pix.

Not quite full yet

Pushing it to the limit before sealing the box

I have so many ladles, the extra long ones that i can never use at home because the handle will reach my cooker hob (just exaggerating it abitlah). And look at the Stock Pots I have. The Enormous ones I have 3 and i have about 4 of those medium ones stored in my balcony.

2 Stock Pots visible below

I have at least 4 customised stainless steel tables which is very good in value. Steel tables are good buys. And now it is so expensive, even the steel hand bars or railings are being stolen in the public housing estates! My commercial fridge is a white elephant. Inside I have lots of bowls, plates and more (blush blush). I also have lots of forks and knives, chopsticks and chinese spoons, claypots.. Lots of water goblets, ice blended tall glasses, I have 'em all.. So you probably can guess what I have been up too by now. Its not my trade but I play a large role.. sigh..

Now what am i going to do with all this stuff?

How about a PGHK cafe?


Boone Goh said...

Are you trying to lelong to us?

You got a lot of things for a mansionette - lar.

Why dun you donate it to charity?

Joze Foo said...

had a warehouse sale if you dun need them anymore. Can save space in your house and earn some money? Or you tot of having business...start now...why wait?

David (AKK) said...

Hey Ah Hoon,

Our temple is starting a new vegetarien cafe soon in early march 2008 & If you dun mind, how abt you selling half price or donated to us?

I'll give you my contact no. if you keen on it ;)

David (AKK) said...

Eh... I just notice that...

PGHK cafe sounds great... we can make the concept & style same as Ice Ice Baby but we would add more penang feel.

I believe It would be very popular if running bussiness in SG, PG & KL.

If Its really happend, I would like to join in too ;)

Dragon said...

wah... u have so many mamasak!! hahahaha :)

Constance Chan said...

akk, wanted to sell it away the last time when some owner needed the equipment but seems like ah boy still has the interest to do some business thats why i could never persuade him to sell off the stuff.

wah vegetarian cafe ka.. keep me update ler.. does tat mean you'll be using yellow plates like most of the vegetarian food does..

David (AKK) said...

Ah Hoon,
Actually any kind of plates will do, not just yellow... Yellow is for "Kiu Ong Ia" festival only... :)