Ready for Birthday

Above: Presents I'd wrapped up for Rae's birthday.

I had just finished wrapping birthday presents. Yes, presents. It is Rae's Birthday, today. She is SEVEN (7). I am terribly proud of her and just cannot believe this little 2.8kg baby has grown into a little lady. She is now still underweight and petite according to the normal benchmark growth for all seven year old girls. But at least she doesn't have to join the TAF (trim and fit) club in school for overweight school girls.. which is a relief!

Well, I had so many presents stored up at home, I just couldn't decide what to give her. After all, I buy them at my convenience and give it as rewards of achievements, birthdays, special occasions like gifts from her tooth fairy (when she dropped her tooth) and recently when she has shown her improvement in her academic report. And not to forget, every gift you give a child, you have to give one to the other sibilng. Fair and square, so not to be left out.

So tonight, after thinking over, I wrapped equal number of presents in different designs for them both, for the occasion of RAE's birthday. I had also just done up the goody bags for the party on Sunday. And I also packed the accessories for the manicure and tatoo party I had decided to let the girls enjoy during the party. After all, I don't want yet another MacDonals party.

She is sound asleep in her slumberland, or her fairyland, as she calls it. Her reason for going to sleep - to meet up with Flora, her imaginary fairy..

Sweet Dreams, My Dear Girl

Happy Happy Birthday to you too

Below: tatoos, nail stickers and nail polish of different colours for the party


Dragon said...

such a good mummy..... don't forget to wish her happy birthday on behalf of me ya..... :)

jepunlauee said...

must be a great birthday party.
Hey all those nail polish for you or Rae?heheeh..Please do tell her,i also do wish her a "happy birthday"...

K3ViN said...

wah.... help me wish her happy birthday ok?

Joe Lim said...

Happy Birthday for her

David (AKK) said...

Haha... cuties gifts... :)

Happy Bday Girl Girl :)

Joze Foo said...

Hoon........you are such a good mummy.....can i be your daughter oso? lol..anyway ...Happy Birthday to Rae!

Constance Chan said...

thank you for all your kind wishes!
I did relay them to her and she was puzzled how come all of you know her.. hahaha

jle; yes, the nail polish are actually mine. but they are for her use for the manicure party

joze; of course u can be my loi loi. tat will mean i must be kinda promiscuous to have a daughter at your age too eh.. but maybe hoe mia at the end si bo..hahaha