Christmas is coming.. hurry hurry!

Christmas is around the corner. You can see the crowd everywhere. It is the time of the year where Singaporeans celebrate the occasion in such a big way.

Christmas is BIG in Singapore. During this time of the year, gift exchange is common among colleagues in companies. Likewise in schools, nurseries, family and friends. In the past I had to buy as many as 30 gifts since the department had as many as 30 staffs in the same department. And not counting the other friends in other departments. Thus we have to find gifts that aren't too expensive. Just to set the mood, we'd have all the wrapped gifts under the tree a week or more before the X'mas Lunch. It was certainly fun. And because everyone is buying as many as 30 gifts each, the christmas tree looked kinda overloaded or inbalanced.

Well now that I am not in the working world anymore, I only buy gifts for selective friends and my family. And of course single gift exchange for the kids' in their school. But my girls get the most. I like to wrap 'em up and have them placed under the tree. They would be by the tree daily shaking, smelling and trying to hard to know what would be in the package. To kids' its such a happy occasion. Even for me, I just love the concept of the many prezzies under the tree. And setting the mood, we'd have music and lights.

I was at the nearby heartlands centre, recently. I saw this cute little door stoppers. It has animal figurines stuck to it. I couldn't resist buying them. I didn't realise that I'd chosen so many of them already. I just had to have them. If I was in the office, I'd get one for each colleagues, but since I'm not, I shall just keep them to myself. FYI, I got a total of 11 (eleven) door stoppers.

Tra la la la la... la la la la...

Shall I set up the Christmas Tree?
Well, this year, I am running late. I've got spring cleaning yet to finish.. sigh. I've gotten my electronic mini tree out. Not the rest of the displays and garlands and the big tree. Check out the dark video here. Rae is dancing to the tune of the tree.



Dragon said...

i can see all the decorations in s'pore!! hooray....