Better Late Than Never (NOW I UNDERSTAND)

What a terrible few days it has been. At some point of last week, I'd been so indecisive over my girl's birthday this Saturday. She wanted a party, yet she doesn't want the attention to fall on her. Yes, she is THAT shy. By the weekend, I'd managed to persuade her to have a tea party cum bbq for her classmates and friends..

So I'd made the bookings online at the wee hours of 1am on Monday.. Confirmed with the club office by 9.30am. By noon, I'd gotten almost 40 invites all printed out and written their names by evening. I'd even sent TEXT messages over to some close friends..

Guess what? In the evening, I received news that there has been an overbooking of the Treehouse location on that day! They can't give us the Treehouse because the other party booked in earlier!


It was bad news to me. I was really upset about it. I would have thrown a tantrum if I'd been a seven year old knowing that Saturday's party was off! Well the only redemption i got was tat lucky the bulk of the cards were not sent out yet.. We couldn't go for the seminar room because we had to cater food from the tenants and the food tenants had full bookings on that very day too. The bowling alley catering area was also fully booked.

After a long discussion with Ah Boy and Rae, we finally decided to hold it a day later.. Gosh, I am not into belated birthday celebrations. BUT what can I do. Better late than never. Because having it earlier will mean most of the kids wont be able to make it since it is the last day of school and parents will have to take the afternoon off to send the children to the party.. Sunday is the only day when most of her friends will be able to make it..

So.. I will have to do up her invite cards all over again.. sigh.. Guess I'll treat this as a holiday bbq party cum belated birthday celebration for Rae.. But it's true, Better Late than Never!


Taoju said...

Rae is lucky to have a mum like you! Anyway, it's better to celebrate during the school holiday. More attendance meaning more prezzie lor! hahahahha!

Anonymous said...

Ya, i can imagine a kid birthday party isn't easy to prepare .... no matter how, i believe kids will enjoy themselves partying. Pls send us one invitation too har ... (just kidding :-p


David (AKK) said...

Wow... That was cool, celebrate Bday over at Tree house there ;)

Your Girl would surely very happy. She would so proud to have mum like you, Enjoy the Party oh :)

Dragon said...

nvm la, as long as have it... belated or not, also happy lo.... i never had any birthday party until i have it myself during my 24 birthday!!! imagine la.... kids so hor miah nowadays.