Oktoberfest in November

It was dinner at home on Sunday. Although Oktoberfest has come and go, 'Ah Boy' decided he'd like to cook something 'German'. Maybe after seeing to the festival, he probably had too much before he could really feel the urge to eat anything German until a week later or more.. So, off we went to Giant to get some grocery items for dinner.

We got some Smoked Bratwurst Sausages, and Pork Belly. I knew he'd wanted Knuckles but the last time he got Pork Knuckles home no one seemed in the mood to eat them.. hehehe..

So off he went to the kitchen, while I settle down to my pc... I managed to take some pics in the midst of his preparation but not them all. He did a very nice and crispy Roast Pork and cooked some Sauerkraut with braised apples, and a side dish of poached potatoes. I had gotten a platter of sushi variety as well so it was a weird combination with a German meal. But the sushi had to be eaten fresh within few hours so I really had to stuff my face.. I'd forgotten to take the pix of the sushi but I'm sure all of DO KNOW what they looked like anyway so save the trouble..

Below are some of the ingredients used to make the meal above..

Cabbage fermented slightly in Cider Vinegar, Pork Belly and Apples, Smoked Bratqurst Sausages


Anonymous said...

wahhh... chi-char-peh-char(7 morn 8 monr)i came to the wrong place liao, visited you and you showed this big pork belly picture made my tummy roar, grumble .... hungry liao lah!! (^-^)


Dragon said...

wah...teach ppl cooking pula... hehehe.

Joze Foo said...

the pork belly ...like siu bak....anyway, hoon, you've been tagged oso. Check my blog for details

Joe Lim said...

Wah 'Siok Bak".I always like the "Sum Chan"

David (AKK) said...

Ah Hoon...

I lkie your blog very much... coz can learn cooking from your post & most of all I also like to cook also... hehe :)

but hor... each time I had to leave your blog with hungry stomach ler... Pat tor eao...

s|lence said...

argh!!!!!!!!!!! siol bakkkkkkk!!
tummy kicking... !! i go tarpao
some first.. thank god pg got a
lot of chicken rice store.

hoon's how you roast siol bak at
home? use what? pan fried?