Going Nuts Over Green Bags

There had been an extensive publicity about carrying the Green Bags lately in Singapore.. The supermarkets and some retail shops encouraged the public to be conscious in their usage of plastics bags, and recycle if necessary.

On the first Wednesday of the month, there will not be any plastic bags issued to shoppers and if you do need a bag, you need to pay 10 cents per bag. Ikea itself do not issue plastic bags but you can pay for their plastic bags or buy a large recycle bag for your own use.

A local supermarket will give a 10 cents discount if you bring your own bag for every $10 you spent. It may sound like a little amount but it is alot of effort as this reduce the usage of plastic bags (which a conscious effort) and for every 10 cents you save, you could have saved alot when you stretch it over a long period of time.. Of course, I'd rather donate the 10 cents to charity every time i shop. If everyone were to do the same, we are helping to save the world - mindful in energy conservation and charity as well. There was a recent 'No spaghetti day' recently as wheat prices have escalated. Well if Singapore can do with a No Plastic Bags day, how about other ideas.. like:

No TV day
No Electricity Day (for domestic)
No Air condition Day
No Meat Day (Chinese do practise that, Catholics have no meat day on Fridays)
No Cars Day (Singapore has such a day, where you leave your car at home and take public transport for that day)

Well these are just some examples of how we can cut down on things or help to make our world a better place if we put a little bit of effort. I mean individually, it is not much not to watch TV or turn on the air con for a day but just imagine, if the world were to practise that, how much energy conservation we would be saving for the WHOLE WORLD!

I am a Green Bag collector. If I see anything I fancy, I'd be buying the whole range in different colours.. Can't help it.. hahaha.. Most of the collection I owned are contributions from my best friend, C. So if you do go anywhere and see one, think of me and my collection.. and do pick an extraordinary one for me...hahahah

Below: Several Green bags that are in my collection, that are interesting.


Dragon said...

what about

No internet day
No blog day
No email day
No computer day
No food day
No sex day
No water day
No clothes day
No veg day
No sugar day
No salt day
No shoes day
No pants day
No underwear day
No bra day
No .................. day

wakakakakakaka, i will continue when i can think of others.

Constance Chan said...

hahahaha ah leng u too imaginative lah.. wat no underwear, bra day u also come out liao.. hahaha

maybe ask ah tox to come out with a new podcast abt when you forgot to wear your underwear/bra..kakaka

Taoju said...

I also have some collection. So sayang to use them because they are pretty and cute...

David (AKK) said...

Wah... All is fine for me except no internet day...

I can't imagine if there's one day no internet connection... I surely die!!!

It'll become:

No Skype Day
No MSN Day
No FaceBook Day
No Blogger Day
No Frienster Day
No Google Day
No Yahoo Day
No Youtube Day
No Hotmail Day

and the worst,
No Penang Hokkien Day...

OMG... I dun wan....

Dragon said...

wah... ang ku, means u can go for no clothes day!!!! sure many ppl waiting to see naked ang ku.... wakakakakakaaka~~~

David (AKK) said...

haha... Just wait lar... wait untill my body Change from Melon to chocholate first (Six Packs)... haha :)

Constance Chan said...

hahaha u both ah..

akk - chocolate will melt one ler..hahaha try the washboard body..kakakaa

eh no clothes day can visit those american nude beach loh.. ask miku if he has been there..lol

Ann said...

wah. i like your shrek bag! also have a lot of eco bags. some given but most of them i bought them! quite ironical right? but couldn't resist buying the envirosax ones at og.

Constance Chan said...

hi ann, tks for visiting.. ya u know green bags are encouraged so we will use less plastics but we end up buying those green bags..hahaha is tat good or bad? demand and supply end up they got to make more green bags..