Junior League

I was going through the pictures in the folder earlier when I spotted this one taken few months back. We were in town, at Suntec City. There was this area on the upper floor, near Carreefour where most of the shops featured were mainly for children. Boutiques and toy shops were plenty. However, one shop that stands out was this kids' hair salon.

This one is called Junior League. It is a speciality salon targeting children.

The shop is brightly lit and dressed with toys, colourful furnitures, stickers and everything basically a kid would love! There are seats or boosters catered to childrens' sizes. However, one can have their child sit on the parents' lap to ease the child's fear of going to the hair salon. The stylists all were very friendly and pro-kids too. They talked to the children as if you'd think they are in a nursery. Lots of balloons tied together in a bunch certainly capture a kid's attention.

What is most amazing is that they play cartoons or kids' shows on a little player in front. Wow! Getting to watch your favourite show while having a haircut! Isn't that wonderful? This place is certainly treating our children like VIPs, eh? Hey, how about dvd players for adults' hair salon?

Does anyone know of another salon like this?


s|lence said...

good concept, maybe can start one in pg. always be the first; haha. but it look a little messy thou.. well, for children what ya except i guess.