Can You Catch A Disease in a Fish Spa?

Did anyone read that in the US 2 states have been banned from allowed to practice having foot spa? The type that uses the Doctor fish? I cannot pin point the report but i remembered that it is done so due to hygiene safety and regulations by their health board.

I am not sure if Singapore will be taking this step too. But there was once that our local newspaper also reported about 2 sisters who caught some skin illness for having gone to those fish spa. Makes me fell very yucky about fish spa.

Apparently, fish spas that operates such a service can never confirm how they clean their fish tanks that we sink our feet into. They can disinfect the tanks, change water but did you know that the fishes that is biting on another person's feet may bring the disease to you to if he is then eating your skin after him. And do you know that fish spa was used in the middle east to cure those with foot diseases?

So if those people who goes to fish spa goes there for that purpose, doesn't that mean that those who do not have such a disease will end up picking them in the public fish spa? I just feel yucky sharing those public tanks already.


Tammy said...

I've heard about those and I think those are just yucky.

Purpled Sky said...

eeew! i haven't tried fish spas but the thought is just EEW! thanks for the info.

Umbrella Rec said...

I think these spas in South-East Asia or East Asia should be closed or monitored closely because most of them con people by using wrong species of fish in the first place. I am not surprised if disease breaks out in a closed environment.

QVC said...

yucky yucky