Report Irritating Calls

Recent news about the local residential calls are going to be increased soon. I am considering terminating it. In fact the landline that we have at home hardly gets any calls coming in now. That is because we all have our own handphones. Even my daughter has one now and is quite good at sending me text calls too. Everyone is just a call away. The only calls that comes in my landline is now those irritating calls from sales agents from the banks, insurance companies and some other sales. Perhaps if we know these numbers and post it on his site www.reportphonenumbers.com, we might be able to block away all the unneccassary phone numbers and get only the ones we want to receive. We should warn others in advance and stop those irritating sales calls.


Nancyew said...

Your are right....those irritating calls can get us on our wits. I do experienced such aclls quite often too.