Petrol Down to 1.84, COE Also Down...

I was at the petrol station and was glad that S$50 could fill up about 27.xx litres of my tank today. The rate was about S$1.84x for Shell 95 today.

But, I cannot believe my eyes what I read this morning on the online news. Although I am not thinking of selling or buying any new car for the time being, I cannot help feeling envious of the recent COE price that is terribly low. I like to monitor the prices every now and then, just to know my emotions are still running on high...hahaha

Channel NewsAsia - Thursday, October 23

SINGAPORE: COE prices for vehicles fell sharply across the board in the latest bidding exercise.

The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for big cars (over 1,600cc) saw the biggest fall. It tumbled S$6,811 to S$7,589, its lowest level since February 2007. *I've not seen it gone down this low!*

Open Category COEs, which are used mainly for cars, dived S$3,057 to S$12,001.

For small cars of 1,600cc and below, the COE price fell S$2,812 to S$10,989. *this one really make me sooo envious! Mine was in the range of S$25k - $28k! *&!$%#@*!#@%* okay okay that one is grandfather story.. but cannot help feeling envious.

Meanwhile, the premium for commercial vehicles dropped S$4,396 to S$11,503.

For motorcycles, the new COE price is S$1,609 — down S$280 from the previous tender exercise.


amycheah said...

hey constance, u knw overhere in my country when the price of petrol hike, everything follow hike. But then when the petrol price going down, other thing still remain unchanged...see!!


Thank god in malaysia we dont have coe, but that no-coe factor contributes to massive traffic jams i guess.

U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, wow, it is expensive to own a car where you are.
That COE, price of car, road tax, insurance....gosh!
When I was last there and sitting in my nephew's car, I enquired the price....for what he paid, one can buy a BMW 3 series here.
But I guess Singapore being a small country, there has to be some control, huh? But still...?
You have a nice day, Constance, Lee.

Blackhawk Gear said...

It is really expensive to own a car

Tammy said...

I was so happy when I filled my car up yesterday and it was only $50!!!