Power On, PC! Hip Hip Hurray!

Finally I got my desktop to power up. It had been a stressful two days when my desktop couldn't boot up. Not because the hard disk had problems but because somewhere in the cable is a connection that is causing my pc from not getting enough power. It is not the main power point as I've painfully brought my hard disk and my lcd monitor around to try from other power points. I know it's in the cables somewhere in the colour wires..

So I decided to move on to spring cleaning since I had been moving the desktop around (ugh heavy stuff too!)and moved a few book shelves here and there. That was when I realised that I hurt my back too. ouch!

Today I decided to raise the cables higher off the ground and to my surprise, I found the point where there is enough power source going into the hard disk. No more blinking yellow light, it was green. That means I can press the button to start up.

With this lesson learnt, I am going to spend a day or two doing backup on all my snapshots on my pc here. It is a wonderful feeling, like a burden lifted off your shoulders!


K3ViN said...

Wah finally u can boot up ur pc..... i also dont like 2 use laptop.... very hard 2 use lor..... i now write thsi comment at my office desktop lor :P