Deepavali is celebrated among the Hindus in India and Asian. It is also called the Festival of Lights and in Singapore, Serangoon area which is named Little India will be lighted and dressed to mark the occasion. This celebration happens once every calendar year where the Hindus celebrate in triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Many of the Hindu temples located along Serangoon Road will be brightly lit and there will be cultural performances, many street bazaars and lots of activity.

So now, comes the big question. Anyone knows if Deepavali will be on 27th or the 28th of October? My calendar states 28th and some of the school schedule also puts Tuesday as a no school day. Does your calendar mark it 27th or 28th of October?



27th .. whatever it is an extra day off suites me fine.

Something About Us said...

Hi Constance, it has changed to 27th Oct.

I found a link for you,


so every year we must confirm the Deevapali PH from the website.

hope this helps to clear your doubts! :)

- Ling

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Well, at least we finally cleared up when Deepavali actually is. I was going crazy for a while there ... LOL!

Constance Chan said...

family first - yes extra day is wonderful for those at work.. for stay home mom, it's more work actually..hahaha there is no public holiday for me maybe should have a day to declare whereby stay home moms get a day off for themselves!

ling - thanks so much for this info. this is the first time i viewed at MOM's website for this matter...thanks, it helps!

spiff, the spaceman - yes yes, cleared up for both of us.. lol i started it eh.. then got you all crazy..hahahah now you can plan your visits!

stay-at-home mum said...

I went down to Serangoon road yesterday to prepare for Deepavali - tho' I am not Hindu. It was sooo busy. Pity my kids werent with me, if not I am sure they would have enjoyed the sights. I stocked up on Murukku and other Deepavali sweets from Komala Villas. Greedy me!! ;P

JO-N said...

Oh, mine says 27th. Happy holidays to you.

Zooropa said...

Yeah I came across that too! Some put 27th but some said 28th.