Money No Enough 2 is a MUST WATCH

...of filial piety and money that cannot be earned enough..

I was trying to look for the song "Mother" in the Money No Enough 2 movie. I was hoping that someone had done a decent YouTube MTV of this song with clips of the show. Did any of you watched the movie yet? The show is touched on the very local heartstrings of many of us in Singapore.

It was very heartbreaking when it showed the part where the mother was being pushed from one house to another. Her sons ended up deciding to put the mother into an old age home, to her denial. She only found out at the entrance gate and fainted with shock, and ended in hospital. In the hospital, the sons argued about the costs of medical and consultation if she were to recuperate longer. The most touching part was when there was limited blood supply in the bank and how she sacrificed it for her granddaughter that had just met with an accident and also needed the same blood type.

This show is a real tear jerker. But some parts are also funny!

It brought tears to me and mind you, this show not only makes one weep but it also does make you miss home and your parents too. I think this is an awakening story and we should all get a stab of the show, at least.

I only manage to find this one, not an MTV but it was a roadshow concert. If you haven't watched the show, I'd like to recommend this movie. If you like weepy movies. sob sob sob

finally found the video.. but the sound is not very good. if you can't hear much sound in the video, you might want to play the music above and watch the video below.

Money No Enough 2 - Mother -


Shemah said...

Some people think I'm weird.. but I love watching shows that make me cry. Shows like these are great.. it teaches people to be aware about how others are suffering much more than having a bad day at the office and makes us feel utterly grateful for what we have.

But I haven't seen it here yet.

reanaclaire said...

fren, i have seen that.. made me cry too esp the part when he left mama at the nursing gate.. singaporeans are very good in producing facts of life movies.. thumbs up to jack neo..

amycheah said...

i haven't watch kok. will buy dvd to watch. Tak mau watch thru online la. somemore hubby always got the habits to do collection of dvd one.

K3ViN said...

i havent watch it..... looking 4ward to watch it....

Xiao-Kia said...

I also like this movie. I watch part 1. Not wait for DVD on part 2.