Kids and Marriage

Do you often snigger at how your kids talk? I do.

Yesterday when we were going to Parkway Parade, my youngest 4 year old had a conversation with her sister.

Lea: "I want to get married!"
Rae laughed so loud and said to Mummy and Daddy.. :
"Mummy, daddy! Lea says she wants to get married! hahahaha!"

Daddy chirps in: "when you get older, you mean"
Lea replied: "yes, ah ha"
Rae couldn't control her laughter

Lea: "I want to marry all the boys, Daddy."
Mummy snigger: "You want to get married with all the boys?"
Lea replied: "yes, all the ugly and bad boys!"

Rae kept laughing and teased Lea: "Aiyo why marry all the bad boys.. hahahaha"
Lea replied: "Yes!"
Rae teased: "You think the bad boys want to marry you ah... silly girl"
Lea added: "Yes.. because they like all the pretty girls what.."
Daddy said: "Are you a pretty girl then?"
Lea: "Yes!!"

Then this morining, Lea called out to me while on the bed.
Lea said.. "Mummy, I want to get married, I want to do with kissing one.."

Oh oh.. there she goes again...

Rae heard and scowled: "ewwww yucks!! kissing is yucky one" "kissing is double kiss one la..ewww..."
Lea said.. "then I can get a ring, you know.."

This topic is still our family's 'CURRENT AFFAIRS', time being..lololol


Dragon said...

oh my..... lea is so funny la.... hahahaha. she wants to get married before of the ring? LOL!!!!

reanaclaire said...

wah..so u will be a very young MIL soon... youngest..haha... like the olden days, can book son in law first ..

Moo mommy said...

haha... Jing told me so. Her reason was the boy look so handsome! Faint...

Purpled Sky said...

hahahaha! kids say the darnest things!

Kikey Loo said...

haha... kids always have funny conversation!!

Avery too.. she always make me laugh! :D

Tammy said...


Kwagoo said...

haha she can't wait to grow up! haha.. kids say the darnest things..

at least you know they see you and your hubby being in a good marriage to want to marry too when they grow up :D

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! Constance, whatever made her want to get married so young? LOL!

Umbrella Rec said...

I used to have an uncle that loved to tease me with "How many girlfriends do you have now?". I was at the age of your daughter then. I would start counting 1, 2, 3,... till about 1 dozens. Well, I was counting the number of female friends I had. During my teenage years, I wished I really have 1 dozen girlfriends...I got none in reality...haha

Blackhawk Gear said...

she always make me laugh

Anonymous said...

so cute their conversation....little girls start imagining their future liao :) hehehe