Toxic Chemicals in China Food Products

I had just watched the latest news that Singapore found traces of toxic chemical in 3 more products, that includes milk powder and Cadbury brand chocolates. I really don't know what in the world are the manufacturers in China up to. Why do they want to produce food that they surely know is hazardous to people? From toxic in toys, canned food, vege, duck eggs and more, I wonder if there are other toxic substances in other stuff that is not tested for.

Scary to hear about what had happend to the poor kids who consumed the milk powder. I wonder if the previous incidents had been a lesson to them or they out to make money that they did not think about the long term result. I will not trust another China food product, ever. I'd rather pay a little bit more to know that my food is safe for now. Even the eggs and vege, I've been getting those from the local Singapore farms because they are cleaner too. Yes, Singapore has vegetable and egg farms in the outlying areas. And the milk powder, I bought a particular brand that says, Formulated for Singapore.


Tammy said...

Is it just my thinking or is there a lot of bad stuff coming out of China recently? It's scary!

Nancyew said...

Weii, in my opinion, those manufacturers in china are trying to make fast bucks. You know how Chinese are....Cunning. They are rather selfish in doing this but at the end of the day they are the ones suffering. I am now taking precaution by NOT buying any China products.

jepunlauee said...

Ya,,scare the shit out of me..now I still have so many canned foods from China like pork lucheon meat,and pickle chai sim and many more..
think I will throw them away..