Buildings in Singapore

Singapore is a modern city. Living here for 2 decades has seen alot of changes in the developments like buildings, architecture and the skyline. There are more buildings being added each day. Some are new ones that have sprung up in the past 10 years and looking unique. Although Singapore tries to retain some by conservation of original buildings though.

In town I saw some old flats that had been painted. Well, errmm I thought the colours were kinda garish. The colours didn't seemed to blend into the environment. In fact, it looked more like an eye sore. sheesh! Look at the shot I took.

Some of my friends who had seen the flats also voiced their similar views. There are so many nice looking buildings and structures in town. But this one looked terrible. I wish they'd just paint it in more natural colours than that primary colours, so raw. Sigh...

Nice flats

Nice mosque

Aaargh!! What happened here!