Healthy Skin Healthy Mind

Healthy eating is an asset. Our body absorbs nutrition and churns out the wastage. You can tell a healthy person by his/her complexion and his/her skin colour. Bright coloured fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. Take for example, the Orange, Carrot, Mangosteens, Noni and Grapefruits. They contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants to help us rid of free radicals.

A fruit that is gaining popularity is the Gac (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng). This fruit is bright red in colour, and about the size of a cantaloupe. It can be found grown in sub tropical Asia. It is a native fruit in Vietnam. Many Asians grow this in their home gardens and harvest this bright red fruit, and cook them in rice during special occasions and festivals. In Asia, this bright red colour represents the Wealth and Joy.

Gac is really an exceptional fruit. It is known for its skin nourishment properties. It helps to boost the immune system and acts as a catalyst in rejuvenation of our skin. It is different from other tropical fruits because it is not a juice, but it is considered, oil. The pulp has a natural oil which is the premier source of carotenoids. Did you know that our skin absorbs this fat soluble nutrients better than juice.

It is known as the ‘fruit from heaven’ because of its many abilities of its nutritional properties. In Vietnam, it is considered nature's gift to the woman folk to nourish the skin. Gac has a high concentration of powerful antioxidants keeping free-radicals under control. Did you know that Gac contains as much as 10 times more Beta-carotene than a carrot itself?

Get ahead of what is good and healthy. Give yourself the best. A healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy you. Try R.G. Skin Revitalizer.

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