Winx Club prezzies and more

Winx Club Fever

I was trying to wrap the Christmas presents last night after the girls have gone to FairyLand. (They insisted they don't like Dreamland, so made up this FairyLand) Rae loves the Winx Club heroines especially Flora. Please don't ask me which one is Flora. Mummy don't pay attention to these details, unfortunately. Rae insists that every night she visits FairyLand to meet up with Flora, what can I say. As long as they are not bugging mummy when it comes to wrapping the presents!

So the gifts are wrapped up. Well not them all. Because I didn't realise that I was gonna get such large gifts! After wrapping up Baby Alive and the Pixel Chix, I hardly have enough paper for the Winx Club clothes for Rae, the BJ Soft Toy for Lea and also some other little stuff that I have to wrap on behalf of Santa. I thought I'd get some boxes and put them in first before wrapping since they look neater and certainly won't have their nippy fingers 'accidentally' tear the gifts open before Christmas! I probably need to rewrap the virtual game for Rae because of its irregular size that is looking odd now.

I love gift wrapping, most of the time. But last year Rae was in nursery so when both are in school, I could do it. Now that Rae is having her holiday, I have to wait till later at night.


Sue said...

Anything for me ah for x'mas??? Haha! I got something for the girls as well..will post it..dunno if they will like it..

Dragon said...

wah, so ko lian, need to wait until late at night only can wrap.

Constance Chan said...

hahaha si loh..

sue - tks in advance :)

dragon - tks for the stickers too, btw.. ;)

1+2mom said...

Thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

Christmas is around the corner,better get all the things done b4 the day.hehe..need to give them surprise have to wait them sleep..poor mummy.

U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, was over at Sue's shaking her hand on her birthday noticed your very nice profile pic, so kaypoh over.
Ohh, you ex-Penang, huh?
I have always love Penang, had lots of fun there dancing at the E&O, Continental skyroom, eating at Gurney Drive, the wonderful moonlight drives around Penang Island, even at 2am! Ha ha.
If free drop in for coffee.
You have a nice day and keep well, Constance. UL.

David (AKK) said...

A very sweet & nice post... mummy is always the best in this world... so touch ler :)

Dear Santa mummy, dun get yaself to hard, must take care of yourself also oh :)