Day out with Dragon Leng

Wednesday, 5th November
As planned, I had an appointment to meet up with Dragon. He is in Singapore for a week long holiday. Taking the bus from Penang which set off at 9pm on Tuesday evening, he reached Sg as early as 6-7ish, if not wrong. Being the considerate person he is, he didn’t even call me or his cousin to pick him up but independently got a cab to his aunt’s place.

My day started a little after 8am. I had to drop Lea at the nursery first thing in the morning. Following that, send my helper for her 6-month medical check-up at the local GP. When the appointment ended, it was already close to 10am and after dropping the girls off, I drove to west end to pick Dragon up.

Whether the weather is fine?
It was a cloudy day, how dreadful! Hope it doesn’t ruin his holiday. From the carpark, I drove him around (more like a big round anti-clockwise) because I didn’t make a U-turn back towards North West. Instead, I’d driven him further down to West coast… hahaha, well he doesn’t know and he certainly could use with a little ronda-ing since he had only been traveling on the mrt route only. I can be terrible with my directions you know. I do need a map with me all the time. I even have a compass in my car!

At the West Coast, it had started to drizzle and it rained the rest of the day. Oh, brother!

Well he just had to bear with my horrendous driving skills and my one second memory relapse ever so often.

Dragon was very polite all the way.. and he came with nice gifts, my favourite Tao Sar Pneah (it was yummy! Thank you!) , a lovely fragrant big loaf of Penang Bangkali Roti (wow this is sooo authentic Penang, how I miss it!).

He also got me a very very nice gift of a Penang cookbook entitled, Famous Street Food for Penang (a guide & cook book) Look below..

inside pages with lovely food shots.. awesome!
all look yummy and has the recipes too!

This book is really fabulous! Thank you, Dragon! For that I shall treat him to some gastronomical food treats for this holiday..hahaha I had a list of very Singaporean foods but end up brought him to Sakae Sushi for a meal. I should have brought him the Ajisen, actually. If he can stomach more food, I probably would. C’mon, Dragon! Anyway, I’ve got Ikea restaurant and Earthquake on my list. And Mos burger, Burger King and Ajisen. So, Dragon, are you up to it?

e e e e e e e e e e e e e


Joze Foo said...

This cook book look something like my aunt Nyonya food cookbook...

Dragon said...

ok.... i will empty my stomcah waiting for your food.... wakakakaka :)

David (AKK) said...

Wow... It's my first time heard of "Bangkali roti"... was it similar to the normal white bread?

The cook book was very nice... hmm you may now try cooking PG food at home liao... hehe :)

K3ViN said...

wah sooo nice... but where is ur pretty pic with darleng leh? haha..... AKK bangkali roti? ya it like white bread but it taste nice also lor :P

siewSiANlang said...

the pic on the cover page of the cook book is actually a lady selling curry mee at side road of Ayer Itam market.the one and only one where customers get to sit on a "bangku"to eat.