How I Make Money Online, You Can Too

I'm sure you must have read lots of blogs or seen those little ads that says Make Money Blogging, Monetize your Blogs and so on. Well, today, I am going to write a little about how I make my money blogging.

I am new to Blogging (only about 6mths or around there.) and I was cajoled into trying out writing reviews. I wasn't very keen intially because I thought these money making ideas are probably scams. But I was wrong. I am glad that I am doing this because there really is money to be made. The choice is up to you. It took me about almost 5 months before I decided to give it a try. That was only after my friend who had tried out a month before me, really got his money!

So how do you go about it. I shall definitely share it with you.

Get a blog up and running first. To do that, you can try out the free blogs available like LiveJournal, Blogger, MySpace, TypePad, or you can purchase your own Domain name. It's up to you. I started with blogspot, and I probably might be moving into getting my own domain name, soon.

You need to be active in blogging, like at least 2 -3 times a week. It's actually quite simple. Just remember to set your blog active. Make sure your blog has at least few paragraphs of text and is not a photo blog. You can have photos but make sure you have some content to back it up.

How to make money
Once your blog is up and running, 90 days old at least, you are ready to move on and make real money. Here are the ways.

Register with Smorty
Smorty is the first that I registered when my blog was almost 5 months old. The approval takes about 3 days to maybe about a week. If your blog has good content, approval will be fast. Their jobs are paid weekly. Make sure you follow their requrement well for sponsored posts. They pay anything from $6 to $60 per review. You have 3 days to finish a writing assignment.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Sponsored Reviews
This is the second paid review program I registered not long after Smorty. Their payment is made twice a month. Search for the available jobs through their list and click the ones you think you would like to write about. Subsequently, just wait for the advertiser's approval in the job folder to see if you received the job offer. Each writing job is about 5 days before expiry.

This is the third paid post review and so far is the one that offers the most jobs among the 3. However, you need to finish your posts within 6 hours. Short turnaround but best way to earn money in short time.

Widgetbucks Affiliate Program
An affiliate program that pays with leads. Upon registration you get $25 into your paypal account to get started! Nice!

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Clix Galore Affiliate Network
This is an affilated where you can put up banners, ads on your blog side bars. You can view from the many products online and if clicked you earn a small percentage of successful sales or even if you provides the leads to their store, you may get a small cut. Some call it the lazy way of earning money. This takes time, thus the content of your blog is important to have traffic interested in reading your blog.

clixGalores Merchant & Affiliate Referral Commission Program

Paid Survey
Some swear by this. Fill up survey forms and earn a little and build up to your mountain of wealth.

Paid Survey.com.au