NUSS Kids' Workshop

Manners and Etiquette That Works
Conducted by Lisar Chan (Peak Persona International)

Last Friday, I enrolled Rae for a Kids' Workshop. Not just any workshop - it was the Social Etiquette for Kids. It was a last minute decision as I'd only knew of it the day before. A parent of Rae's classmate text me to see if I would be interested to send Rae since her girl was going. Well, I thought about it briefly, and checked with Rae. She had to 'want' it herself because she has this anxiety to attend any new courses or anything that may require active participation from her. She has stage fright and is terribly shy. Since she wanted to go, it doesn't matter if it cost slightly above the market rate. I wanted to build up her confidence, especially in social grace.

Lost, oh bugger..
So, off we went, the next morning. As usual, Mum gets lost driving to the destination. Luckily the event coordinator had tipped me to enter NUS via the second entrance. Initially I was driving around aimlessly, I couldn't find the Kent Ridge Guild House. I stopped and asked some people that looked somewhat like Uni students.. to my horror, they scratched hard and thought before telling me.. I'm not too sure, myself! What a nightmare! Lucky for me, I like to be early so I wasn't late, YET. I traced back to the entrance of NUS and saw a little signage that says NUSS.. aaah that's what I am looking for! I finally got the route and turn into the drop off driveway and saw Vera and her mummy there.. Thank goodness!
The course had not yet started since the trainer was still waiting for some late participants. It was going to be a 3 hour course so I left them there and told them that I'd be back to fetch them at 12.30pm.

At 12.15pm I was back at Kent Ridge Guild House. Waited at The Ridge Bar before I saw Vera running out to the loo. She told me Rae is having her soup now. Oh, so they do have a proper lunch, eh. But, soup. That would mean the beginning of the meal, if it was on table manners and getting to know your silver-ware. I peeked in at 12.45pm to see if they were finished. Oh God, they had just completed the first of the 3 course meal. That meant, the main meal, is yet to be served. Of course, we were running late, I needed to pick up Lea from Nursery which will end at 1pm. Called to say I'll be late. It was already 1.35pm when the course ended.

I managed to snap some pics a little after the first course.

After the first course, EASY PEASY

Mummy, I am a leftie. What should I do now?

A little interaction in between meals...

Okay, here is how you cut it..

Best meal of the day, the Dessert

The course outline concentrated on manners like Greetings, Handshakes, Intro, First Names, Compliments, Basic Manners and How to be a Gracious Guest. And the last part was Table Manners and the Silver Ware.


Dragon said...

they have so big portion for the meal! my god!

Jipunabor said...

Hey, i think this is great course for children and it sounds very interesting to me leh :-) Did Rae enjoy herself there? Hope she did. But maybe the food is a little too much for a kid?! That piece of chicken/fish in the dish looked big ler ....since they had soup and other course served. Must be "veli par". Btw, the girl with big ribbon and lace on her hair, veli eye-catching hor, wow! caught my attention immediately ;-)hihi