Which search engine do you use when you are doing a search?

If you cannot decide, why not try out this new search engine.

EarthFrisk.Org, a hybrid Meta-Community Social Engine and, is the FIRST in the world. It combines the best of all search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, Technorati, Stumbleupon, Wikipedia, WebMD and more. Its an all-in-one!

With EarthFrisk.Org, there will be no search engine that monopolise the internet world. Being the first community result-based search engine, the old search engine will be a thing of the past. Combining best results from major search engines through votes and links from every search user, EarthFrisk.Org is the new revolution in Search. It uses CV ratings (colour value) of sites so you can get a more accurate and democratic approach to rating of the websites. These colours will weed out spam as search users will be share their personal votes, information with other users. Publishers blogs or advertisers’ websites will be prominently displayed with rankings and comments by your peers!

It’s superior toolbar can even let Bloggers custom made it to include their logos on it. Download the toolbar on your pc to get started. It has a handy pop-up blocker too.

I think this is a great search engine, ever. Try it out for yourself. Earlier, I keyed in my blogspot address and was pleasantly surprised to see so many searches… then, right at the bottom, you can see the words: Discuss/Info/Vote Click on this and you can include your own comments how you find this site or if this is a spam or unique website.

This post is brought to you by EarthFrisk.org


Tot's Mom said...

I have seen this previously but haven't tried it yet. Must try this out one of these days!