Resolve for Resolution

I have been thinking long and hard of my
New Year Resolution. Yes, Resolution.
I mean really to resolve it.
What a tough year it has been this year. I broke my budget, again and again! Instead of my usual what I would like to buy resolution, I started to list down what broke my budget. My resolution should be to improve on it and find myself an alternative solution.
Including how to reduce my unsolved weight issue for the upteenth year!

Younger Lea, loves her formula, I can't change it cos she will just whine and whine till the cows come home. She will also 'bleak' if she gets a taste of any other brand. My elder girl, Rae loves Fernleaf and Meiji Fresh Milk. I shall now buy the ever large economy tin of Fernleaf instead of the small packs. I can still slot in the Meji Fresh Milk occasionally.

Increment of Oil/Petrol
Petrol had been hovering at around 1.95 lately. My full tank comes up to S$75 or more! My car also drinks like a fish. But I'm stuck with it till it reaches the 10th year when I can probably scrap it to a milo tin. My alternative is to pump it at non-full tanks at a S$50 nett each time. It doesn't really make much difference. But it's a mental thinglah! Only drive when necessary.

Increment of Wheat
Bread price had increased by about 20 or 30 cents per loaf. It's not alot but of course it seemed alot if you were to calculate it in the long term. However, now I buy the larger loaves instead. And freeze half of it in the fridge. Flour prices have gone up slightly. Cut down on designer cakes like Angie's. I still love baking cakes, it's a happy therapy for me so I'll still do it when I need to still. My pleasure!

Increment of Taxi fare (just started on Monday)
Doesn't bother me. Dont take taxis. But they are also victims caught in this situation. Poor drivers. Just like Mom's Taxi.

Increased of GST (Goods and Services Tax)
Mid part of the year, in general, everything you buy went up from the usual 4% to 7%. All living expenses in Singapore went up drastically. All residents were victimised. We have to buy wisely. In fact I myself cut down on the luxury items like the nice nice toilet papers that have beautiful prints to the non luxury ones that sells at 30rolls at less than $5! The printed ones I got was about $4-ish for 12 rolls... hahaha, I stretch more too.
I even got a smaller bottle of everything, like shampoo, shower bath so I can meet my monthly budget better! Again, its a mental thing...lol!!! Okay, use a drop less of everything lah...hahaha.. Then I should just cut my hair short too. Use less shampoo. I also alternate to using traditional soap bars instead of the usual Eversoft Aloevera and Shukubutsu. Wah... so drastic meh. Can lah.
I shall commit to getting our NTUC house brand items instead of the Branded ones. Like the white bleach, dishwashing liquid, tissues, fresh eggs and dust wipes.

Property and Rental Increase
Gonna stay put at our cosy home anyway. Who's got enough money to just move house pulak. Crazyyyy. Unless I win a special hong bao draw for the coming Chinese New Year 2008. Hopefully this time the draw is about 10million. droooolllll... okok Maybe I'm allowed to think about chances of winning that special draw. Then all my resolution might be void liao. Poppi Poppi Thnee Kong...

Traffic on the road/More cars on the road/ERP gantry near home
I shall stay away from too much travelling, especially to the CBD area. Saves petrol too. And now that new gantry for the Electronic Road Pricing has been added near home, that means I shall keep away from that zone.

School Bus Fee Hike
Nope. Not affected since I'm the taxi for my two girls.

Increased price on Cooked Food
Well the price on cooked food had also increased since all the above are affecting F&B business. I shall eat out less and cook more at home.

Does that mean I now have a reason to resolve my weight issue? Let's see about that. *blink blink*

Increased Nursery and School Fees
I foresee this but I am crossing my fingers. The Singapore government had taken off the subsidies for PRs so I am sure I am affected.
So, before the year ends in 2007 and starts 2008, LETS PARTY!! YEAH!


Kopi Soh said...

Hi Hi tankiu for stopping by mai humble kopitiam, so paiseh nia both times u kam by i not around, got lim kopi boh?

Sue said...

Haiyo..everything go up except my bank account balance...hehehe..don't forget your tag ya..

Constance Chan said...

kopi soh.. nver lim kopi becos no one pao mah. kopi must be hot hot one. 3in1 also never mind. must have hot water ya. nxt time i help myslf. lol tks..

sue.. ya bank acct is scary i dont dare to see also. ya i remember the tag. gotta charge my cam first if not cannot take pic ler. i tried skype webcam but quality is awful cannot see if its camera or potato. all brown brown.

jepunlauee said...

Ya ya...me also want to slim down...in 2008..but on the other hand..thinking ,I will back in penang..it is useless,I think...hahaha..coz ...makan makan..

Joze Foo said...

Ya hoon...party first worry bout that later...

Taoju said...

It's sad that bad economy is coming again!! sigh! Increase, Increase, Increase but salary increase % cannot compete with the recession %. Aiyo.. don't party all the $$$ you have, keep some for next year, hehehehe