The Big Blue Marble / countdown to 2008

Big Blue Marble. This one is specially dedicated to Firehouse Kopi Soh..

Yes I love this show too... waah got someone who appreciates shows I watched ler...hahahah sooo happy untill pa leng tao liao! This intro song is just great! I hope all of you who grew up watching all these will remember your growing up days in the retro 70's.

Also, Kopi Soh.. skype can type as chat or can also make calls and kong ua also, like the telephone. Just buy a microphone from the pc shop and fix nia. Just remember don't get the pasar malam one if not later our ears all can hear u hissing like snake aneh kuan... hahahha

Last things, we have many many members who are not just young as 20's nia, but also those who are in their 40's, 50's and more! We all share jokes and chat like in kopitiam one. That's why we called the room sembang.. Do join us, ya. Will introduce you to our members, sure can click one lah..

Big Blue Marble Show Information
(extracted from love2register2 of YouTube)
Big Blue Marble was a children's television program that aired on PBS stations from 1974-1983. Each episode contained 2 or 3 different segments, each one focusing on a child from a different country (what their life was like, interests, etc...). The apparent goal of the program was to promote cultural awareness/understanding. I believe themes like ecology were also discussed.

The show encouraged viewers to become "pen pals" with other viewers from different parts of the world, and facilitated this with a segment during each show.

As far as I know, the show hasn't been shown (at least in the US) since it originally aired. I've heard that some of the children that became pen pals kept in touch for years (even to present day).

This version of the show's intro was from a later season and is a different song than was originally used*. I don't know when the change was made but both seem to be remembered fondly depending on when you watched. You can hear the melody of the original song sung faintly at the start of this clip.

Cultural understanding: that's the 70's for ya. Should kids today be exposed to stuff like that?


kopi soh said...

kamsiah chey chey for dis post, mah chai wa tnui lai thak becoz now wa read from wa eh iPokThong veri small font khua kah bak chew thor thor.
btw wa si FIrehorse as in kuda api, em si FIrehouse as in balai bomba Kekekeke