Barney, The Purple Dinosaur

Christmas with Barney Poster

Last Sunday, we were in Marina Square for a specific reason. The girls have been pestering to go there to watch Barney, live on stage. Barney is usually performed during Christmas time and as far as we know, the girls have been to watch it for the last few years, in different locations.

Long Queue forming early

This time, Barney performs in Marina Square and they girls were really excited to go. The crowds were queing in line from 2 hours earlier (or more, I reckon) because were there about a little more than an hour in the line and the queue before us is already so long!

Baby Bop, Barney and BJ with dancers
Live on stage in Marina Square

At 2pm the security ushered us into the cordoned area to be seated. Glad Mummy could go in this time. The Winx club and some others do not allow adults in but Barney, perhaps has younger audience, allowed adults in at a maximum of ONE per family. So Daddy could only watch from the cordoned belt. Took some snapshots.

After the show, the girls insisted to buy merchandise from the atrium. Rae got a Thomas Train button play phone while Lea got a Barney saucer and Barney cup with lid.

Merchandise at the atrium


Jipunabor said...

hehehe... my girl sometimes love Barney too (although not veli popular in Japan).

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my blog :D Mine watches Barney DVDs everyday. She's also into Elmo :D