Spare the rod and spoil the child?

OK OK another tag before 2007 is over. So, do i spare the rod? I grew up with the rods.. many many many... hahahah but lucky it was pretty much under control. A whip or two, that made us very very good. Thank you, MUMMY DEAR! Quiet as a puppy, in our own rooms. Tidying the house and do everything like clockwork. There was no need running away from it. Fearful we were, but we knew we were more fearful of what comes after.. THE NAG.. boy that was the worst!

Anyway, I do wave the rod, or THE CANE as Asians couldn't have it better... lol. And my girls know that is the power cane. The do fool around with each other at times but knows when it is flashing power, by the look of my face and the voice when I am really angry. So, I didn't really use it that much. Most of the time the real victim is my poor Marble table legs. Rae says, Mummy you are really lousy at hitting cos you always missed us.. Well as if she knows better.. *wink*

My next 5 bloggers are :- Drum Rollllllllllllll
1. zero 2. kosong 3. nought 4. zilch 5. 000

Well I cannot really think of anyone I wanna tag, right now... hahahah.. end of 2007's tag... hehehe

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1. Jo-N wants to be her children's best friend.
2. Trinity doesn't want to spare the rod.
3. Dora definitely spares the rod.
4. Sue doesn't spare the rod.
5. Constance tries to spare the rod but waves it ever so often


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