Why Travel to France

Christmas brings about the concept of snow in some countries. A time for merry making and lots of good food and wine.

In Singapore since Christmas also falls on the December holidays, some take the opportunity to travel to European countries for a change of nice cool weather. Why not make it a trip to France during your next holiday. Embark on a food trail of authentic French diet, Great wine, Caviar and Champagne. How about the much loved Escargots (snails cooked in herby butter served in their lovely shells) Instead of taking the common travels, go for the road less travelled.

In this website, you get to learn of the France secrets of why the French Fries are so crispy! Learn of the history of the massive transformation that made Paris what it is today, where the most famous tree in France is, the overlooked and hidden villas, and breathtaking architectural details. Why Travel to France? Leaves a lot to be desired, really!

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